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ZenFone 3S Max Review : Light weight with Great Battery Life

Posted by Ambika on April 18 2017, 17:17pm

ZenFone 3S Max Review : Light weight with Great Battery Life
ZenFone 3S Max Review : Light weight with Great Battery Life ZenFone 3S Max Review : Light weight with Great Battery Life ZenFone 3S Max Review : Light weight with Great Battery Life

With budget smartphones being the selling point for cash-conscious countries like India, it’s no surprise that most users want the best phone on a low price. However, what matters today is a good blend of features and performance and most importantly, a longer running device. Many brands today are trying to focus on the same feature-performance-price ratio .  That’s when the smartphone manufactures are now trying to distinguish themselves by offering something that most smartphones don’t have — a larger battery


Look & Feel
This ZenFone 3S Max, it seems, wished to be different than its predecessors.The ZenFone 3S Max looks premium with its metal unibody structure compare to the first version that came with plastic back panel. The camera module placement is also different, here it is placed at the left top corner of the back panel whereas in previous versions, the camera was centrally located at the top portion. The fingerprint sensor also came to the front panel and doubles up as the home key also. The volume and power buttons are placed at the right and the charging port and speaker grille are present on the bottom of the phone.

The display resolution at 1280x720p, though looks lower than some peers in the same price range, offers absolytely great experience. Simply saying, one would not complain for better resolution. The colors are bright and offers natural rendition.

The Max 3S uses a Mediatek Octacore 1.5 GHz processor with MT 6750 chipset coupled with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Asus claims the storage capacity can be expanded upto 2 TB. However, I wished for an equivalent Qualcomm processor as the San Diego based firm’s chipsets are low in power consumption and that indirectly helps in curbing heating up of the smartphones.
But the phone performed well when tested on all fronts, from watching HD videos, to playing heavy duty mobile games. One would not find the speed lag anywhere.


With Pixelmaster camera, the Max 3S is superb . The phone comes with 13 megapixel rear camera with flash and auto-focus. The front one is an 8 megapixel snapper.  It looks good and the camera did perform well and the image output are lovely but mostly in well-lit or outdoor environment.  These days there are more selfies taken than than primary photographs! Hence this kind of Camera makes more sense . 

The Main Feature
Ideally the main feature should have been discussed first. The ZenFone Max 3S is all about its power –  5000 mAh. Its not just the size but the technology behind the battery and the usage is also commendable. While testing, the battery lasted little over 2 days in a always-4G-LTE environment, and with any kind of use, it can give you more than one and half day’s life. The Max 3S also comes with reverse charging option that can charge any other smartphone by using the compatible cable. So, apparently, you are carrying a smartphone with an inbuilt power bank


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